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"...Words have meaning and their meaning is relative to the context..."


Welcome to the Programming Red wiki page.

Red is an advanced programming language born from REBOL. It is a full stack programming language.

The Author, Nenad Rakocevic started the project long before the source of REBOL3 has been releases. Both language share one common principle: be coincise. In Red and REBOL you can do in one like of code what in other languages needs many more lines. A 50 lines of program could be 2/4 lines in Red/REBOL.

Also you do not need 50 GB of HD space to start programming: 1MB of drive space and a text editor are enough.

While REBOL is now open source, Red has totally a different source. It has been coded from scratch. It maintains compatibility with REBOL2 (90% of the code) bit it is different. REBOL is interpreted, while Red is either compiled or interpreted.

Learn more at Red main page:

Red HQ Homepage

REBOL Resources are vital part of Red and there is still more documentation for REBOL than RED, so feel free to read from REBOL pages and apply your knowledge to Red.

Red Main Pages

Site Name Site Url Description
Red Main Site The main site of RED Language
Red Official Documentation Documentation Repository, Work in Progress
Red Wiki Red Wiki on GITHUB
Red Language Specification Specification of Red Langauge
Red/System Specification Specification of Red/System Langauge
Red/System BNF Grammar (PDF)
Red Parse Documentation Documentation on RED Parsing
Red Source Source Red source code (Yes, it is Open Source!)
Red Main Branch Commits [1] The commits of the main branc
Red Progress Page [2] Here you will find the advancement of the project

Red Discussion Places:

Site Name Site Url Description
Gitter Chat: MAIN Branch [
Gitter Chat: GUI Branch
Gitter Chat: Docs
Gitter Chat: Code
Gitter Chat: RED/System
Gitter Chat: Welcome Page
Gitter Chat: Help
Gitter Chat: France Language


Site Name Site Url Description
REBOL Forum One of the most active REBOL Forus... written in REBOL
Red By Example An accessible reference by example
Helpin Red Help, tutorials, and examples
My Code For Fun RED/REBOL blog
REB4Me WebSite Dedicated to REBOL by Christopher Ross-Gill

Nenad Words: ! Why RED started

Main REBOL Pages

Site Name Site Url Description
REBOL Main Site The main site of REBOL Tech, the start of everything
REBOL developers Site Site full of develper's script and documentation
Rebol Devevopers Network Home of Carl's REBOL BLOG

RED, REBOL and other languages of the same Family

Header text Header text Header text
RED GitHub Master Repository
REBOL3 Main REBOL Main Pages
R3N R3N Open Source Rebol community regrouping to the next generation
REBOL3 from Atronix Source REBOL3 Version from Atronix
REBOL3 from Sapphirion REBOL3 Version from Sapphirion
Differences Different Branches Differences
REBOL/RED/REN/C Differences Differences between the languages
REN-C Trello
Article on the status of REBOL Which is the current status of REBOL ?
Source Code Source Code and compiled versions
Red Development Project Documentation
WORLD World Programming Language

Books and Guides:

Header text Books Header text
Rebol A Programmers Guide From Maxim Olivier Auverlot Rebol Tutorial by Professor Victor Pavlu
Red book Learn Red, Fundamentals of Red
A REBOL Guide Rebol, a programmers guide
REBOL Book Rebol Book on Wikibook
REBOL Guide By Nick Antonaccio
REBOL Guide By Nick Antonaccio
REBOL Guide By Nick Antonaccio
REBOL Video By Nick Antonaccio


Header text Header text Header text
Notes on REBOL View
R3GUI Demo script unknow if compatible to Carl or sapphirion version
REBGUI, Original Version, design guide
REBGUI Original Version
REBOL View, image datatype
REBOL Draw Dialect Reference
Changes to R3Gui Not up to date
Saphirion R3 Examples
Learn Rebol Tutorial By Nick Antonaccio
Test GUI for R3
OLD R3 User Guide 2010 By Carl
R3 Gui Test Script
GUI Example Text file browser
R3 GUI Docs Newer Docs
R3 Documentation Various Format (WayBack Machine)
R3 GUI Panels and Layouts
R3 GUI Goals Ancient 2006 Document
R3 Gui Spahirion Announce!topic/rebol/eS2HWgu4Bcs
AlteME R3 GUI Thread
R3 GUI Demo Porting
REBOL2 Auto Resize Extension
Vid Extension KIT One of the best GUI Kit created for REBOL2
REBGUI Chat on REBOL3 World
REBGUI Main Page
GLayout Another GUI Kit for REBOL2

Rebol and Databases:

Header text Header text Header text
Munge 2.x
MUNGE 3 The best way to ACCESS SQL, Access/Interact and Excel projects.

Code Repositories

Header text Header text Header text
Rebol Oneliners Complete functional scripts in one line of code
Red Script Collection A curated collection of Red Scripts.

Discussion Places

Header text Header text Header text
Red on Gitter, main channel
Red Mailing List on Google!forum/red-lang
RED on IRC (Bridge:)
Red Facebook Page
ML on REBOL Documentation Project
How to Document REBOL Dialects
REBOL DOC Project - CARL -
Saphirion R3 Gui
SAPH R3GUI and editable styled text
Interesting Thread
Ren/C Stack Overflow Ren/C is Hostile Fork Rebol3 version. This is the chat where the main actors is the develolper of the fork. Rebol Tagged Questions on Stack Overflow Rebol3 Tagged Question on Stack Overflow - Red Tagged Questions on Stack Overflow Rebol Facebook Page

Other Interesting Links

Header text Header text Header text
Looking Back A great site from one of the best minds in the Red Community
Excel Dialect
Ross-Gil Main Page
OLD Wiki Projects List
R3 Baazar Branch
Max Vessi Portal
An R3 Source Mirror
RED Author Main Site
Reddit Collection of Tutorial and Videos
REBOL France (France has a great History of REBOL Programmers)
From REBOL2 a 3
Chris Ross Gill WebSite
Interesting Links
Chris Ross Gill Scripts Site
Dobeash Software House of Munge.r Data Management and many other great software by Ashley
REBOL4Cobol Programmers Great Site with tons of scripts



Composing Code



Header text Header text Header text
Carl Sassenrath Interview 1999 Interview On of the very first interview, Carl Describe his ideas and passion
Doctors Dobbs Journal, Technet Cast 1998 Interview Transcript - Amiga and Rebol
Old New Archive Articles and news from the early days of Rebol , many are not working but you can use WayBack machine

Wiki Pages

(Playing with Red Bricks, Blocks)


(POWER WORDS: List of the moost powerful RED words to inspect and debut the RED and your code)

(Links to be examined, notepad of the administrator)

(Collection of Articles/Threads By Topic)

(What happens When)


(Navigating into RED Source)

(Using red blocks as data tables)

(Words and their values in contexts)

(Words and definition for living in the Red World)

(Tecniques used in various areas)

(Parsing Blocks and Strings)