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Convert it into a table with LINK|NAME|TYPE|AUTHOR(S)

References: Rebol Core Manual: PORTS

Rebol Forces, creating a protocol

Ports notes with sections from the original Rebol networking layer creator Holger Kruse

Ports as explained in Rebol/Core user manual

A full working TCP Server Semseddin (Endo) Moldibi

Creating a server port Recipe by Paul Tretter

A simple instant messenger

Cal Dixon, gui scripts calling each other

Voice intercommunicator from Nick Antonaccio

Mirco Web Server

Creating a server engine. Nice article from Jeff Kreis

A lot of useful code here

A TCP PORT Object Dump =

This is TCP Port open with

 open/direct/lines tcp://:55555`

 make port! [
   scheme: 'tcp
   host: none
   port-id: 55555
   user: none
   pass: none
   target: none
   path: none
   proxy: none
   access: none
   allow: none
   buffer-size: none
   limit: none
   handler: none
   status: none
   size: none
   date: none
   url: none
   sub-port: none
   locals: none
   state: make object! [
       flags: 4719171
       misc: [1108 [] 0]
       tail: 0
       num: 0
       with: "^/"
       custom: none
       index: 0
       func: 6
       fpos: 0
       inBuffer: none
       outBuffer: none
   timeout: none
   local-service: none
   remote-service: none
   last-remote-service: none
   direction: none
   key: none
   strength: none
   algorithm: none
   block-chaining: none
   init-vector: none
   padding: none
   async-modes: none
   remote-ip: none
   local-port: 55555
   remote-port: none
   backlog: none
   device: none
   speed: none
   data-bits: none
   parity: none
   stop-bits: none
   rts-cts: true
   user-data: none
   awake: none