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    Code is DATA/Data is CODE



    Select returns the value next to the matched key. It could search also for types

    Simplest Select Syntax is



    >> select [a b c d] 'b == c

    Now, the third one will be a block

    Select returns the element

    >> a: [a b [1 2 3 4] d] == [a b [1 2 3 4] d]

    >> select a 'b == [1 2 3 4]

    SELECT is the short form of:

    >> probe first next find a 'b [1 2 3 4] == [1 2 3 4]

    which could also be written as

    >> probe pick next find a 'b 1 == [1 2 3 4]

    Finding >> probe next find a 'b [[1 2 3 4] d] == [[1 2 3 4] d]

    >> a: [a b [1 2 3 4] d] 'b == b >> probe first next find a 'b [1 2 3 4] == [1 2 3 4] >> select [a b c d] 'b == c >> select a 'b == [1 2 3 4] >> a: [a b "c1234" d] == [a b "c1234" d] >> select a 'b == "c1234" >> find a 'b == [b "c1234" d]

    (TODO: Clarify if it copies)


    Command Type Purpose Input Output Modify Series Modify Series Index Record Index to Head Index to Current Pos Other
    Alter SEARCH-SET
    Append MODIFY
    At IDX Yes
    Back IDX
    Change MODIFY Changes series from current position Series to change YES
    Clear MODIFY Deletes everything from current position to tail
    Copy GET Returns a copy of the series
    Empty? INFO
    Exclude UNIONS Returns first arguments values minus second argument values
    Extract GET Get elements. Cold also see block as record of elements
    Find SEARCH Returns a series from the mathing position
    Head IDX
    Head? INFO
    Index? INFO
    Insert MODIFY Insert a value in the current position shifting the previous value(s) to the right
    Last IDX
    Length? INFO
    Move MODIFY Move element(s) of the series to another
    Next IDX
    Pick GET Takes the N'th value
    Poke SET Sets the N th value
    Rejoin MODIFY
    Remove MODIFY Remove the first value of a series starting from current position
    Remove-Each MODIFY Test each value of the block with a contition, if test returns true, remove that value
    Replace SEARCH-SET Replace the found value with another one
    Reverse MODIFY Reverse all the arguments of a series
    Select SEARCH Selects (extract) the item next to the matched one
    Skip IDX Move index one or more position forward
    Sort MODIFY Sort the series
    Swap MODIFY Swap the current elements of two series
    Tail IDX
    Tail? INFO
    Take MODIFY
    Take Remove and returns on or more elements of a series
    Union Returns the unique elements of two series
    Unique REturns the unique elements of a series


    Finding a value in a series/block requires FIND It returns the block positioned at the match or (none?)

    To obtain the numeric index/position you should use POS? Example: POS? FIND a 'b

    Note the difference in the output between finding and selectin

    When exploring RED this could led to a misunderstanding [1 2 3 4] = a block containing 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 = a block containing another block which contains 1 2 3 4

    [1 2 3 4] the element in the third position, which is a block [[1 2 3 4] d] the original series starting at thrid position which contains the thrird and fourth element

    to get again the whole block you shoud

    head a (why not a: head a)








    Active words

    Natural language



    RED Code INIT

    EXTERNAL Libraries


    Code internal Structure



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    Name Type RED/RED System Description Author Link
    Mandelbrot FAST Math RED/System Mandelbrot Generator Full Stack Team (GITHUB)